"Every creation originates in someone's fiction, right?"

FICTION is a gallery where creators with passion for conceptualizing prosperous future exhibit their prototypes to public. It is a space for collaborative development and creation where seeds of diverse innovation surpass categorical borders and freshly merge cross-culturally in delivering an anew break-through.

Exhibition of Design Prototypes / Sensing Technology / Design and Technology / Advanced Design / Media and Entertainment / Collaboration with artists and creators / Research and Development / Business Development

#Acceleration Program

A program to accelerate companies’ and brands’ development in new technology and business by exhibiting their knowledge in FICTION. Sensingnet, as a design consultant, helps birth of fresh innovation.


#Simulative Exhibition


Exhibition of state of the art technology in collaboration with art and design. It is a birthplace of new ideas where audience becomes a witness of fresh innovation.

#On Saturday!

Workshop- On Saturday! All-inclusive workshop programs will be held where amature and professional from kids to adults are all welcome to join.


#Design Bar

The night side of FICTION creating cross-cultural community hang-out. A place to stop by after school or work for hashing out thoughts and ideas as you wander through the exhibition. There always will be something surprising waiting for your visit and perhaps a new fiction will be created!


Annual ’GOOD FICTION’ prize will be awarded to best ideas around the world by fellow FICTION members.

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