ReBORN nonwoven fabric - Tech Design Workshop -
10:00 AM10:00

ReBORN nonwoven fabric - Tech Design Workshop -


【FICTION】ReBORN nonwoven fabric - Tech Design Workshop -

Oct. 12th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

FICTION 525 West 26th Street 1st Floor, New York NY 10001

Asahi Kasei Corp. has developed an environmentally-friendly nonwoven fabric that is made mainly from plant-based PLA (polylactic acid). We will hold a workshop for thinking about new application ideas with using the nonwoven to make a prototype.

Please join us.


 Eventbrite 【FICTION】ReBORN nonwoven fabric - Tech Design Workshop -

PLA nonwoven fabric

Asahi Kasei Corp. has developed an environmentally-friendly nonwoven fabric that is made mainly from plant-based PLA (polylactic acid). This nonwoven fabric meets the ASTM D6400 standard and has earned certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). Furthermore, it can be molded into various shapes using a heat press.



Andre Feliciano.jpg

André Feliciano

André Feliciano is a Brazilian born artist working between Berlin and New York City with a passionate interest in cultivating art, nature, and togetherness in multiple forms. Feliciano has presented and exhibited work internationally, published several books, and spent the past three years working with Olafur Elaisson's Little Sun Foundation. Feliciano has coined the term "Floraissance" whereby he interrogates the future of Contemporary Art.

Floraissance Vivarium



Lindsay Smilow

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Art Education, Fundraising, Art History, and Social Media. Strong arts and design professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Art History, Criticism and Conservation from City University of New York-Brooklyn College.


Tucker Viemeister.jpg

Tucker Viemeister

Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA, brings new meaning to the term “multimedia.” His life (not just his work) is a convergence of innovative ideas and physical stuff. Trained as a product designer, he is also involved in architecture, graphics, new media, branding and strategy. He helped create the widely acclaimed OXO "GoodGrips" universal kitchen tools. He also writes, teaches and lectures, serves on a few boards, was named after a car and still has time for volunteer work, his family and his transdisciplinary company, Viemeister Industries, focusing on creating integrated brands, products and places. Partners include JCDecaux, Design Within Reach and Omhu.

Viemeister Industries

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ReBORN Opening Reception
5:00 PM17:00

ReBORN Opening Reception

ReBORN reception.jpg

【FICTION】ReBORN Opening Reception

Oct. 10th 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

FICTION 525 West 26th Street 1st Floor, New York NY 10001

Asahi Kasei Corp. will collaborate with “Sabi Washi” (rust paper) creator Sakuho Ito in holding “ReBORN”, an art exhibition that expresses biodegradable nonwoven fabric which is made mainly from PLA (polylactic acid) as a decaying beauty.


eventbrite【FICTION】ReBORN Opening Reception

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THROUGH Opening Party
6:00 PM18:00

THROUGH Opening Party

The very first epoch opening exhibition, THROUGH - The Future of Visualization-  will be held from December 6th to 23rd, 2018. Co-curated by Japan Display, Inc., this exhibition further pursues the possibility of their most recent beta product called ‘transparency display’ by pushing its capability beyond the existing boundary as “display parts” and exhibiting its value as visually artistic interactive lighting product. The exhibition is an experimental collaboration of cultures that asks us, “Is transparency a possibility in our future of visualization?”

The creation of this gallery itself was a state of the art collaboration between talents of both Tokyo and New York. All Sensingnet staff will be thrilled for you to join us for the opening party and experience the possibilities beyond your imagination. 

Please see below for opening information and RSVP here.

We look forward to seeing you!

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